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About Kristy... 


Working within the human services industry for the last twelve years has provided Kristy with a wealth of experience and passion for working therapeutically with people. Kristy completed her Masters qualifications in mental health, specialising in art therapy to hone her therapeutic skills and to enhance the therapy she offers by incorporating therapeutic art making into her practice. Kristy now has many years of experience using therapeutic art making with children, teens and adults who are looking for fresh ways of working through life’s many challenges.

Some of the reasons people see Kristy are:

  • periods of transition – this may be a time of family structures changing, moving house, moving country, or adjusting to changes of circumstance

  • improving confidence and developing friendship skills

  • assistance working with grief and loss

  • working with experiences of trauma

  • assistance with family relationships

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • or simply needing a safe place to express oneself


Kristy holds qualifications in both Art Therapy and Social Work from the University of Queensland, and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Sydney and she is a professional member of the Australia and New Zealand Arts Therapy Association and the Australian Association of Social Workers. Kristy holds additional accreditation as a Mental Health Social Worker and this means that Medicare will provide rebates for some services under the Better Access to Mental Health Care program. She is also a Registered Provider with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). 


Kristy's experience working with children and families has brought her to the conclusion that change is one thing in life that we can always rely on. Changes, whether they seem big or small on the surface often have a huge effect on our lives. Changes might include obvious things like moving house, diagnosis with illness, family breakdown, or relationship/friendship issues. When there are changes all sorts of issues come to the surface that we often weren't expecting to deal with. Learning to manage change and transitions in a positive and constructive way early in life will help as one grows older and hopefully other changes will become less difficult to manage.  


Working using expressive art techniques in addition to regular talk therapy and focused psychological strategies provides great results. Expressive art therapy techniques allow us to work with images, and as the saying goes, 'a picture can speak a thousand words'. Many people Kristy works with have found it simpler, and more accessible to express their experiences through art rather than with words and often people are able to draw their own insights directly from what emerges in their art.


You don't need any skills or experience in art making
to benefit from the Art Therapy process. 
 Ipswich Art Therapy is currently closed while Kristy is on maternity leave.
To find a professionally trained creative arts therapist in your area please visit: